Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Letting the Light in

I just put The Bean down for her morning nap. I hear her talking to herself, but that's okay. She will fall asleep eventually. Like I usually do during her morning nap, I grab my laptop and sit down in my favorite chair in front of the window to have some me time. Before I get to it, I open the window blinds. The sun hits me square in the face. And warmth runs over me.

When I think of other places that I have lived and the things I treasure about the houses I lived in, what I picture are 2 specific things: the dinner table, and morning sun through the windows. I never realized that these two things hold the greatest importance in the homes I have lived in until just now. But it is the table where community and family happens, and the sunlight where I sit alone and find God and find myself that are most precious to me.

Beneath those open windows, in every home, I found the "light" in its many forms, shining into my life. And so it is with this little place here in my home. I relish the calm and quiet as the sun warms my face and the day feels full of hope and promise.

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