Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Photography Photo Project

For Christmas last year I compiled all of my Christmas monies + some of my own investment and bought myself a nicer camera. My motivation was my humongous baby belly and the nesting instinct that was terrorizing my sanity.

I had the worst consumer experience with the website that I ordered my camera through and didn't even receive it until Gillian was a month old (February!). But now I have it and I love it and I am not awesome at using it yet. But I am trying to be intentional about teaching myself to use it better. Usually I just snap 50 photos and hope that on one of them I had the buttons aligned correctly to produce a decent photo.

I think that doing a photo project would be a great way to be committed to learning how to use my camera. Hopefully you can enjoy this journey along with me. I do not see myself being committed enough to do a daily photo, but a weekly photo would be fine!

Here's my first photo that I took a few days ago. I am sure I will have more photos of my baby in the leaves.

I am excited. If anyone else would like to join me, please do!

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aaron said...

This is a really good way to get better in a short amount of time... Haven't lasted a year with it, but did a series of daily shots a few years back. Maybe I will join you in the weekly posts.

Where are you going to post them? I wouldn't put them on facebook as you lose the rights to them (hence why I post links to flickr on facebook for some pics). Flickr is a really nice way to do photo sharing/saving if you haven't tried it yet. Do you shoot in RAW format and then process them?