Saturday, September 10, 2011

Putting food on the table

The husband is now back in the full swing of classes and homework and reading and paper writing and homework, and more, etc.... So his wife is back in the kitchen.

This means that I need your recipes. PLEASE. Dooney is amazing at choosing recipes and going to the grocery store - it'll take an entire hour out of his day. Just now I realized that I've been looking through recipes for 30 minutes and I only have a chicken salad picked out - gimme a break. I truly suck at this. So, I was thinking that if you could just leave a link to an online recipe that you enjoy, it would really help me out. Because I know I can count on you.

And to make this a fair trade, I am sharing our favorite recipe with you. This is our go-to meal. We started eating it every Sunday during ski season because it's quick and easy and we always have the ingredients in the kitchen. and after a weekend on the slopes, the last thing you want to do is pick your brain for tonight's menu, grocery shopping, and preparing a meal. So this is what we have. It's delicious, cheap, vegetarian, and easy and most of the ingredients come from your cabinet (not your refrigerator) so I always keep my pantry stocked with these things.

It comes from a childhood friend of mine's sister's blog. Ha! Who is an amazing homemaker with a large family. So this recipe makes enough for 3 meals for us and it's just as yummy as leftovers. (thanks, Kristen, you are a life saver!)

Here it is:

You should just click on the name of this recipe to go to her website. She does such a good job with her instructions. You know, Pioneer Woman style. Just trust me.
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Anna said...

We had this tonight and even though Aborino rice is a bit pricey, you can get two batches out a single bag for this one recipe. I also substitute button mushrooms as well. It can be made without the wine although we used a $5 bottle and it's gotten us through two recipes so far and we've only used half the bottle. It's delicious.

Brandon and Callie said...

we still have this at least once a week since you told me the recipe :) I'll try and think of something good to give you in return.

kris said...

I'm glad you enjoy the recipe- my sister is good like that :). Jake loves this
It's not the healthiest, but we have it for dinner with salad or it's a fun appetizer or snack.
If you look at my food pinboard from that link, there are other recipes I have collected to try. I have tried some of them that are good and others are on my list for the future. I hope you are doing well! Did you get to go to London with Landon?

Brooke Hereth said...
There you go! i've never tried it but it looks good.